From One Who Loves You

A New Look At Life

Say His Name

   The Bible says in order to be saved we have to proclaim Jesus as our Lord and Savior – and also believe in our hearts that You raised Jesus from the dead. I know in my heart that You did. I have no doubt Jesus Christ was raised from the dead and lives still.

   If a person wants to know the saving grace of Jesus, they need only say His name when they are praying for redemption. The transformation of their life will prove His power and presence. There is power in His name; over our lives.

   Jesus Christ is my Lord and Savior

An Overdue Retraction from the Author


   “From One Who Loves You” was intended to give people confidence in God’s love for them. While it might succeed in that regard, it also has contents that weren’t meant to be included and incorrect interpretations that need immediate correction.

   In other words, when God said, “Write my letter,” God didn’t say, “And rewrite the Bible.”

   While God did answer, “Your destruction will never be by my hand,” to my question about the destruction described in the Book of Revelations, I over-reached and misinterpreted that to mean there would be no Judgement Day. And I thought if that was true, then I had to figure out what the life and role of Jesus meant other than what is written in the New Testament.

   There might be some truths in what I wrote in that section of the letter – but make no mistake – the steps and requirements for obtaining salvation and eternal reward spelled out in the Bible are absolutely necessary for everyone to follow and complete.

   While I was certain that God turned to me to communicate in writing what I was doing successfully in person – showing people who wanted to know it; one-on-one, their worth to God – I failed to check with God before each time I made other claims on His behalf in the remainder of the letter. It has taken me some time to learn to ask God for more information before receiving an answer and then running with it; without having the entire picture.

   When it comes to God’s love for us, I don’t “believe” – I knowBut knowing that God loves us is not all we need to know.

   Read the Bible to learn the rest of what you need to know. If you want to know specifically what Jesus said, read the Gospels first: Matthew, Mark, Luke and John.

   Compare writings from different versions of the Bible to see how the interpretations have changed over time. Then get in the Spirit with God and ask for clarity as to which version is closest to His truth.

   I found for myself that knowledge I learned from God match what is written in the New Testament; such as the right steps to obtaining forgiveness and the law that we reap what we sow. That made me trust the concepts I was unfamiliar with or had resisted before; enough to test them – and find them to be true as well.

   There are other steps toward knowledge that I can recommend – and more explanation of how I arrived at my mistaken undertanding of the things I want to correct now; which makes a very good cautionary tale. But this post is only meant to retract what I know now is incorrect.

   If you embraced what I wrote about redemption and salvation and dismissed the teachings of the New Testament, please accept my apologies. I sincerely hope I corrected this mistake in time for you to have the right relationship with Jesus. Don’t wait to start!

Thank you,